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2016-01-23 08:39:08 by Pulvite


Go check out my first dubstep song, ~WillpoweR~ This should be good enough to get me scouted, right, RIGGHT??

Hope you like it


2016-01-21 19:57:06 by Pulvite

I'm improving a lot in FL, and boy I mean a LOT! making a song called ~WillpoweR~ cuz i got the willpower to do so instead of eating cookies. Let's hope I get scouted soon and then DOWNLOADZ ALL THE WAY! (and the slightest chance of GD players using my song, lets hope they do, you know what happens from there!) I'm very exited for when the time comes, ~WillpoweR~ is going to be my first dubstep song, and it is good for my first dubstep song. Even now I listen to ICNMT (original) and cringe. I enjoy makimg music, a lot, and I really hope you all enjoy my songs. While you're at it, why dont you check out my YT, maybe subscribe and share my music (i have more songs on NG because I'm a horrible at drawing and I cant take copyrighted images into my vids on YT) Thank you ALL for your support.


Happy Birthday to me :D

2016-01-17 08:57:53 by Pulvite

Happy birthday to me.... well 2 days ago was :P. Uploaded new song "Bendong The Rules" It is chiptune + house, tried some tother stuff. Used birthday money on Sylenth1, and stuff worked out!



2016-01-02 15:44:18 by Pulvite

Im now eligible for scouting guys ;) (for all scouters: I make good music, and its fairly constant)

Lets hope I get scouted (for all you GD players out there you can't use my music until I've been scouted)

Merry Christmas

2015-12-25 11:52:55 by Pulvite

Merry christmas you all!

Check out ICNMT and I hope that ill get scouted soon.




2015-12-12 07:11:01 by Pulvite

Ummmm.... WIP! don't worry