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noah I love you

GobSmacked responds:

thanks man, i luv u 2 :*

It was a pleasure working with you mate :)

Evilgrapez responds:

You too!

YESSSSS NOAH! I got really excited for the song when you sent that first wip. Dud, you are great. Keep up the amazing work! The growls sound to me that they might need some more high end though, idk if that's just me. Astounding!

Overall, I really like it. I honestly think it could use a tad bit more work, maybe a short riff here and there, but other than that it's really good :)

Reverse the song, call it Forwards, and you're set xD

But overall, the track was pretty neat, I wouldn't use so much high end when eqing the kicks, but it works. Also, try to vary the chords in the drop, otherwise it sounds too repetitive. Other than that I liked it. I'll have to play this in my mum's car xD

Krassen responds:


Drop = fire

Krassen responds:

yeyy <33

Me - wait what? Simon has NG?

no explanation here

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Because it's so terrible? 8)

Hey, that was pretty good, the pads at the beginning which stick through until the drop, are amazing and the piano too, that was sick. I don't really like that lead at around 1:10, It doesn't sound right, I can tell that it's saw based, I'm ok with that but the delay doesn't really go well with the main arpeggio/melody do you see what I mean? The drop was amazing I like how you fit the "Level Complete" sound from Geometry Dash, The diminuendo with the xylophone like pluck was also pretty cool too. I am in love with the growl at 2:03 combined with the hoovers, along a simple lead with the arpeggio/melody. The cool down after the first drop was neat, but what I really liked is how you brought up the drums very impactfully around 2:51. Was that Riot on the second drop? I thought you had your own pack of screams! XD Both drops were really good overall hiding a small easter egg for GD players. The I recommend dragging the ending out a little bit longer so the reverb can keep going, this makes the song feel more complete.

In the end I'll give you four stars, keep it up Etzer


This is some cool stuff right here, L - E - G - I - T I absolutely love this piece. Keep it up! I don't have much to say for this one other than its absolutely amazing.


Noisysundae responds:

Thanks a bunch. I went nocturnal doing this and looks like that was worth. :D

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